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To escape the on-going cold winter here in New Jersey, my wife and I spent a few days at our Richmond Development home in St. Ann earlier this month. What a pleasure it always is to come home to Richmond! It truly is the place to live. The continuous, yet orderly development of the community could not escape our attention; neither could its increasing beauty. To us, the entire community is like a huge botanical garden with fine homes and accompanying infrastructure thoughtfully interspersed in it. One relative who visited with us last year described it as "The Garden of Eden". A friend subsequently described it as "Paradise". My brother, who postponed his first visit to Richmond a few times, apologetically explained to me that he had no idea that a place like that existed in Jamaica. Expecting an ordinary home in an ordinary community, he was completely blown away and taken aback by the sheer beauty of the place and the obvious thought that went into every aspect of the development. Naturally, I accepted with great pride all the congratulations and praise that was heaped on me for making such a wise purchase. Not that I minded, everyone reacted as if I were the one who created all that beauty, all that security, and all that value. I am certain that my experience with family and friends has been repeated many times over with other Richmond home owners. What is evident is that this is a superior development, with a superior team, delivering superior products and services. I want to thank you again for the quality team you have pulled together and for the quality products and services that you all consistently deliver. Every home owner that I have spoken to shares that view and that gratitude. Kudos to Mr. Issa for his vision of creating such a community and for his selection of such an able and visionary Managing Director as yourself to make his vision a reality. Continued success to you and your team!

Everett Barrett

First of all let me congratulate you and your company for winning the International Quality Summit Gold Award. I was delighted to read the article on Sunday. This achievement was by no means an easy task and your dedication, commitment and Issa's vision made this possible. I am glad that Jamaica has risen to the international standard and proud to be part of this award winning community.

I am sure Issa's vision and your hard work will pay off so that generations to come will enjoy Richmond. Under your guidance and leadership the community will thrive as a testament to quality and excellence. Keep up the great work, this accolade is befitting your dedication and vision.

Kudos, and Good Luck.

Reuben Canagaratnam
Regional Vice President
English Caribbean
IB Contact Centres

We feel proud to be a part of this. Keep up the good work. Wonderful!


Congratulations Guys!! I am so grateful to be a homeowner here... and thanks to each of you for the role that you continue to play in making this venture and vision successful!!!!!


Thank you so much for this article. I will be moving into the new phase at the end of July and knew I had made the right choice.


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